-a place to hold a grudge-

a place to hold a grudge
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This is a community where you can voice all those little grudges you have against anything and everything. Topics can range from religion, politics, society, music all the way to some personal stuff. Feel free to comment on others grudges but always explain why you have the grudge.

This community is run by Chrischris619!

Some rules:
1.) We are all allowed our own opinions on things. If you dont like others opinions then have a discussion, dont bash them.
2.) Please...dont write about anything racial. If you do, you will be banned.
3.) Any discussions under an entry must STAY in that entry. Dont allow arguements to go into other entries.
4.) Respect the moderators cause we can kick your ass :)
5.) Don't bicker like little children. We are here to have discussions, etc.