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hey guys.. im new.. to livejournal and hold_a_grudge .. so i have no friends so i thought id join a community.. anyway..

my cousins are coming over tomorrow. theyre from SC.. i think they visit way too much, i mean i like seeing my family and stuff but theyre all like ok, its arbor day, time to go to florida!.. and they steal my shit.. like my cds and clothes.. and then theyre like oh my mom bought it for me.. but i know she didnt.. and when i went to sc once, my cousin was going through her suitcase and i saw like 4 of my shirts in there and 2 of my cds.. like what the hell, if you want a cd, ill burn it for you.. if you want a shirt, maybe ill buy it for you for your birthday or something but why the hell are you gonna steal it.. and the worst part is that they stay in my room when they visit and so theres like nothing i can do to stop them from taking stuff... any ideas? thanks

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