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My ex (Chris) gets jealous whenever I have a new boyfriend. It has been almost a year since he dumped me. My most recent boyfriend (Danny) is his friend's friend. Danny said that he would refer to Chris as a good aquaintance. Chris thinks they are great friends because they are both Brandon's two best friends. Chris now is telling people that I am a skank/slut/whore/ect. He has Brandon convinced that I am using Danny when Danny has been the sole initiator in our relationship. Chris was the only guy to break my heart and he uses that to his advantage. Since him and I broke up he has made me feel like shit so many times but I keep trying to be friends. Should I still try to work it out or just ignore him when I am with the group?
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Thanks for the advice... My friend Jessy and the Danny aswell said that I should act like what he says doesn't bother me and that will bother him. He thinks that everyone one should care what he thinks and value his opinion above everyone else's.
Ask him what *his* deal is because your doing nothing wrong.

ex-boyfriends named chris are no good.
Well it was short lived. Apparently Danny and I weren't meant to least we are still on speaking terms.
thats good.
Oh my God, ex-boyfriends named Chris are so annoying!!
alright i dont mean to sound like dear abby or anything, but i really think you should talk to him.. at least say something to him to let him know that what hes doing is wrong. you cant just ignore him entirely when youre with a group.. i mean, sure.. ignore the bad shit he says, but itll be hard to ignore him totally. maybe after you guys talk it over things will get better. hopefully you can get back together with danny without having to worry about chris.. and i totally agree .. ex boyfriends named chris are bad.
heh...things are odd. Chris and I are talking again but Danny won't talk to me. How do these things happen? I mean sure Chris won't ever know any of my feelings on things bcause he always overreacts but at least we can talk about trivial shit and not get angry at each other.