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Hmm, this has been building for about 3 weeks..

Ok, this kid "Bob" went out with my bestfriend and basically broke her heart, and now hes starting to like my other bestfriend. He knows it bothers the crap outta me that he likes my friends, but he does it anyways. But no, heres the horrible part. We were at the mall and we went into PacSun and I showed him the shoes I'm going to get as soon I get enough money to buy them, and then a couple days later, he goes back to the same store with his mother and buy the exact pair. I knew he was going to get new shoes, and I told him not to get them, and he bought them anyways. I saw him the other day and told him to fall in the biggest mud puddle he could find, he flicked me off. I'm sorry, did *I* do something wrong here?!

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