trip ♥n l♡ve (kobayashi_ai) wrote in hold_a_grudge,
trip ♥n l♡ve

[ screw diamonds. a grudge is forever ]

so true isnt it?

i guess i dont have much to say for a first entry...
ive held a grudge against a girl i hardly know since preschool for pushing me and i want to kick her in the shins.
ive held a grudge against a boy named ryan who showed me his dick in kindergarten and said weird things then since...kindergarten
i held a grudge against a creepy boy because he told me weird stuff [his fetishes and that he molested someone] because he liked me. now he thinks im a bitch which is the funniest thing in the world.
also against my friend because ive liked a boy for four years and when i first liked him he told her he liked me and she forgot...then told me three fucking years later

maybe im not so much of a grudge holder as i am a mean bitch and stupid.

<3 layla
oh yah. i drew that pineapple
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