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"best friends"

you'd think you could tell your best friend anything right? well see i had a small problem with the fact my "best friend" was always hanging out with and ditching me for her boyfriend. shes moving at the end of the summer and i thought i should tell her this before i leave so it doesnt bother me after shes gone. i figured shed like put 1/2 her time aside this summer for her friends OTHER then her boyfriend.. well she totally flipped out on me and said im a horrible friend and a bitch for not understanding her. god whats wrong with me? how come i didnt know it was ok for a girl to dis her best friend for her boyfriend? yah anyone else have this happen to them ever?
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love is blinding

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shes gettin to attached to him.. considering shes moving like 13 hours away in a month or two to Flordia..heh sucks for her
the semi-sorta-same thing happened to me
my friend alex has had lots of bad relationships and she finally got into a good one. theyre inseperable and they make out all the time. its really disgusting. they did it at my family's cinco de mayo party for christs sake. also [seriously, im not kidding...hmm a bit redundant...] she [did before school is over] ditched school everyday with her boyfriend and had sex with him. they dont have a relationship based on anything and i pray for the day when they break up. because it will be really funny. yeah so anyway back to the story, he was sick so he couldnt go to her house and she made plans with two of her friends and he called her and said "you dont love me!" and shit and hung up and then later instead of hanging up just stayed on the line and breathed heavily into the phone. i want them to have a monstrous flame-breathing break up...heeheehee

anyway that really sucks that your friend said that to you.